Dr Lorraine Price
Psychotherapy and Counselling

Publications and Articles:

Price, L. (2014). Back to the Beginning: An exploration of the treatment and effects of therapeutic regression to dependence in psychotherapeutic practice, PhD thesis, De Montfort University. Available online at: http://hdl.handle.net/2086/10510

Price, L. (2016). Better Late Than Never: The Reparative Therapeutic Relationship in Regression to Dependence. London: Karnac

Price, L. (2007) The Dark House of Infancy: An Exploration of Regression to Primitive Pre-Verbal States for Clients in Integrative Psychotherapy. The British Journal of Psychotherapy Integration, 4:1, 81.

Price, L. (2009) From Theory to Therapy: An Exploration of the Relevance of Winnicott’s Theories in Regression to Dependence. The British Journal of Psychotherapy Integration, 6:1, 29-39.

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