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The start of a new year

Christmas and the start of a new year can be very difficult for some people. It can often be a time of remembering and regret.

Some people really feel their inner loneliness sharply in this season, noticing unhappiness, sorrow and maybe self condemnation. Humans are mammals who need others to feel safe, contactful, cared for and have a sense of belonging. For those who did not have this in their early years, their lives can feel meaningless and empty.

Working with a psychotherapist can help a person to reconnect with others, work to repair their difficulties and find significant relationships in their adult life.

I wish a happy relational new year to all.

January is a hard month for some. Christmas is over and the new year might seem just like the old one. Some can suffer with depression and anxiety, others low mood, dissatisfaction and despair. It is important to remember that our Christmas experiences growing up can impact us now, and we might need help to understand this. We can talk to friends or engage in Psychotherapy to help to share the burden, feel understood and less alone. If these sort of experiences are frequent, developing a relationship with an experienced psychotherapist can help to shed light on some issues that are repeated in relationships, and perhaps having a new relationship with your therapist that can help to change some of your other relationships and, most importantly, with yourself.

Next time I will talk about self critical thoughts and internal voices.


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